Wear your hat, take a bottle of water and head down the hill… the sea awaits you!!!

The ride starts as a coastal drive overlooking the blue sea then begins to ascend into lush green hills as you approach the village of Ano Vouves. Among the endless olive groves, massive vinyards and countless fruit bearing trees, this is also home of the oldest olive tree on earth. It is of the utmost historical and ecological interest. It is 12 meteres round. The history of that particular tree and the value of olives, and olive oil and their contribution to human evolution is on display in the olive museum next door.
Continuing on our scenic route to the village Marathokefala, we’ll make a stop at the ancient cave of St. John. A quaint little church sits at the portal of this cave. You will once again be enchanted with all the Cretan countryside at your feet.
The next stop includes a visit to the historic Monastery of Gonia in Kolymbari. Also known for being the center of the Cretan Resistance against the Turkish and German occupation. Many historical documents, church treasures and precious artifacts are on display for public viewing.
As the excurtion continues, we will reach the northwestern part of Chania area and the world famous lagoon of Balos. This is most certainly the most photographed beach in Crete because of its shallow sandy beaches, turquise waters and absolutly exotic scenery.
Because the sea is very shallow, the water is warm, therefore and ideal destination for small children. Pink colored sand is scattered everywhere, because of the millions of crushed sea shells Snorkeling with a mask and swimming is highly recomended.









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