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Just a few miles east of town (towards the airport) is the famous site of the Venizelos graves, Eleftherios and Sofokli (father and son) nestled in a park on a hill, providing a panoramic, bird’s eye view of Chania and the Sea of Crete. A centuries old, stone church sits just a few meters away from the Venizelos graves, as does the bigger than life statue of Spiro Kagiale and the flag of victory. Surrounding cafes offer coffee and cocktails and the chance to witness the sun setting over beautiful Chania.
Leaving the Venizelos graves, we move on to visit two historical monasteries, Holy Trinity and Gouverneto. Towards the end of the Venetian era, Holy Trinity of Tzagarolon played a very important role in Cretan history and education. The monks of the Holy Trinity Monastery are famous for preserving many varieties of grapes over the years, that grow in this microclimate of Akrotiri Chania.
The Holy Monastery of Gouverneto literally replicates a Venetian Castle, with watch towers that served to protect against invaders. Only two of the 4 towers still stand in entirety, and remains of the other fallen 2 can be seen when entering the castle courtyard. Construction began during the Venetian occupation and was completed during the Turkish occupation.
There is a small museum in the walls of the monastery that exhibits ecclesiastical works of art as well as valuable antiques and keepsakes.
Concluding our tour of the monasteries we will go to Stravros beach, the stomping ground of “Zorba the Greek”. Exactly where the scenes from the award winning movie was filmed starring Anthony Quinn in 1964.
The moon shaped beach right beneath the mountain side is protected from any potential winds, making this so serene. It will remind you of a lagoon with its white sand and shallow blue water, which makes it one of the most ideal places for a swim. This beach is well organized and offers all services possible.









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